Did Tony Ortega Run Out of False Stories?


As if there were any question in anyone’s mind as to whether Tony Ortega does what he does out of a misguided sense of ‘journalistic inquiry’ or whether he is a full-on religious bigot bent on ridiculing and demeaning the beliefs of others, let us forever put the issue to rest.

This week on Tony Ortega’s blog he pulled back the curtain to reveal still more of his zero tolerance on religious traditions of every stripe — this time by launching a series of attack articles against the Jehovah Witnesses.

Much like Leah Remini, Tony Ortega has apparently run out of things to say about Scientology and has chosen to try a different route in the hopes of roping others in to his particular brand of atheistic intolerance.

Continuing with his typical approach of using other people’s work to promote his own lazy style of ‘basement blogging’, Ortega has farmed out his failing blog to a new batch of would-be ‘journalists’ to spread his ‘all religion is dangerous’ message to his pitchfork-wielding fanbase of low IQ readers.

We knew it was only a matter of time before people would get tired of Ortega’s rehashed lies. We guess he’s come to the conclusion it’s time to start some new ones.

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