Does Tony Ortega Like To Make Christians Look Bad In Public?

As we’ve been looking back at the public’s review of Tony Ortega’s biased work during his brief stint as a tabloid writer for an alt rag in Kansas a recurring theme seems to pop up again and again. One reader named Stephen M. Schaefer summed it up best way back in the spring of 2004 when he asked the question many local readers found themselves wondering:  “Is this what passes for journalism in Kansas City?”

Mr Schaefer was referencing an article written by Tony Ortega which had been designed to mock people of faith by presenting a bigotted one-dimensional character and then presenting this fiction as if it were somehow “fact-based reporting”.  Sound like anything Tony Ortega has been doing lately?

Of course, it’s the same scam Tony Ortega always been running. As long as there are those naive enough to swallow his lies, Ortega will keep pumping out the toxic sludge of his harmful ignorance.

Wisely, the alt weekly tabloid which once made the mistake of employing Tony Ortega wiped all of Ortega’s pieces from their archives after they let fired him.

We certainly don’t argue with the decision of the Kansas City Pitch to erase all trace of any association with Tony Ortega. It does, however, make commenting on just how recklessly irresponsible the garbage Tony Ortega produced during this time truly was.

All we are left with is the flood of complaint letters (which, tellingly, the Kansas City Pitch has left accessible to all on their website.) From these letters we are given unique insight in the contemporaneous critique of Tony Ortega’s readers and their reactions to the narrow-minded thinking Ortega was to later build his entire brand upon.

The fact is, we find ourselves in agreement with the overwhelming majority of letters denouncing Tony Ortega’s “journalistic integrity”. 

Take for example the closing sentiments of Stephen M. Schaefer’s indictment of Ortega. Though the specifics of his complaint may vary, there is something all too familiar about the alarm bells this reader is ringing with respect to Tony Ortega’s take on religious people. Schaefer writes:

Does Mr. Ortega like to seize opportunities to make Christians look bad in public? Is there some kind of inside joke to this column that Im unaware of? I dont understand how something as poorly researched as this made it to print.

Honestly, we don’t understand it either.

And for the record Arielle Silverstein, Tony Ortega’s third wife, who works in the Ethics Office of the United Nations, denigrates Christians and other religions. This is what Silverstein posted on social media:

The Kansas City Pitch ditched Ortega, deleted his stories, and cut ties with him completely all because the public began to protest. Perhaps it’s time Tony Ortega’s followers took a similar stand.

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