Duo of Intolerance


After observing the usual suspects, Tony Ortega and Mike Rinder lie about the beliefs of Scientologists, shaming and blaming people who have done nothing wrong, misstating the beliefs of Scientology, etc., their objective becomes increasingly clear. It is to sow moral panic and bigoted outrage.

Tony Ortega’s blog is an echo chamber of lies repeated, lies retold and the emotional manipulation Rinder engage in, in pursuit of enough rage-momentum to get their cult followers paying attention to them.

They are, indeed, seeking to create a moral panic. And are doing it by twisting facts; stereotyping Scientologists based on the bad conduct of a few; conveniently twisting the narrative to make it seems that the errors in judgment of a few are somehow the direct result of Scientology’s teaching, and then using those examples to represent the “general” attitude of “ALL” Scientologists.

It really is a sickening and vicious cycle we see reenacted over and over again by these two and those who blindly parrot what they’ve been told.

Ortega and Rinder tend to remain as fact free as possible, largely because the vast majority of time the facts are not their friends.

If you’ve followed this blog at all you’ll understand the techniques used by this duo of intolerance. And through all the noise of obsession, obfuscation, and objectification, they pump the venom of their bottomless intolerance in the hopes of igniting a poison firestorm of hate and, of course, cash their check at the end of the month.

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