Egotism Unchained

This week we’ve been taking an extensive view of the details of Tony Ortega’s Twitter past and today we conclude with a real humdinger.

Spend any amount of time trying to make sense of the chaotic nonsense that chokes Tony Ortega’s Twitter feed and you’ll quickly realize two things — Number one: There’s got to be a better way to spend an hour than by sorting through Tony’s hate-filled rants. (Like maybe getting your teeth drilled, or hitting your thumb with a hammer.) And number two: Tony Ortega really likes to hear himself talk. And we mean really.

As if that latter point needed any further evidence take a look at Ortega’s most quoted users:

Apparently, plagiarizing his own blog for his latest self-published “book” was only the most example of Ortega’s egotistical love for his own voice. Quietly, (with almost no one reading his Twitter outside of New York and LA) he’s long been hard at work smelling his own farts, quoting and re-quoting himself to himself 4 times as much as he does anyone else. It would almost be funny if it weren’t so pathologically pathetic.

And when it comes to retweeting other users (surprise, surprise) more than a quarter of those links are split between sucking up to Remini and Rinder. Who knows, perhaps in the vain hope they’ll have him back to their failing tv show?

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