Employment Record

We thought putting together an employment history of Tony Ortega would be easy. We were wrong. It hasn’t been – at all! – chiefly because there is so little information to go by. A telling fact on its own!

After being “fired” as editor of the Village Voice, it seems he took on a new assignment as “Executive Editor” at The Raw Story (think: Gawker meets Huffington Post minus anything that might pass for insightful commentary and you’d be in the ballpark.)

The Raw Story job wouldn’t last long, he would be let go a little more than a year into the gig to very little fanfare.

Perhaps working as an “Editor” Raw Story just didn’t hold the same appeal for Ortega as it did at the Village Voice where, because of its rapidly declining readership, Ortega often found himself putting forward hard hitting journalistic stories like, “Local Woman Marries Own Cat in County Courthouse” and the like. Or maybe it was that without backpage.com‘s underage prostitution platform to stump for any longer, Ortega lost his taste for the work altogether.

These days Ortega keeps what more generous observers call, ‘a low professional profile’, sponging off whatever money he can squeeze from his in-laws to keep him in pork rinds and cup-o-noodles as he plots his next career move. Maybe he’s writing that next big Scientology tell-all literally know one is asking for? Maybe he’s pitching his blogs to whomever will hear him out at the local Starbucks?

Wherever he may be, this much is certain: he has been unemployed, he is unemployed, and if his anemic work record of the last decade is anything to go by, he will remain unemployed for the foreseeable future.

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