Escaping Tony Ortega’s Hypocrite Snare

Tony Ortega

During a recent unhinged screed Tony Ortega, famous for his tone-deaf lack of self-awareness, referred to a woman in question as an a ‘apologist for Scientology’.

That’s just how laughably hypocritical Tony Ortega’s assessment is given that he is on the record in multiple articles and interviews defending the sex-trafficking scam Backpage put in place to earn hundreds of millions from the countless young women and underage girls they victimized during their reign of terror.

One of the more infamous examples of Tony Ortega’s bad-faith endorsements came in the form of the seemingly throw-away lie that Backpage’s sex-for hire advertisements were nothing more than ‘a place for consenting adults to meet’.

Consenting adults, we assume, like Jim Lundi, 38, who set out to groom a 16-year-old who was homeless and addicted to drugs. As the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida said of him in a recent news release:

“[Lundi] taught the victim how to use websites such as Backpage to advertise sex for money. He took nude photographs and then posted them on Backpage and listed his phone number in the advertisements as the method of contact.”

Once can speculate whether Tony Ortega envisioned his First Amendment bastion, Backpage, as being the platform of choice for pimps like Lundi who beat his victim with pipes and broomsticks for not making enough money.  Or maybe he simply bought into the same big lie he tried to sell everyone else because he understood his paycheck depended on this gruesome business model. Whatever the motivation, the fact of the matter is his willful mischaracterization of what Backpage and its user-base were up to lead directly to horrors endured by the victim in the Lundi case, and so many like her.

Time and again in these stories we read of those held captive by criminals associated with Backpage escaping by the skin of their teeth — indeed, as the court documents indicate of Lund’s victim, “scraped, battered, and without pants.”

Tony Ortega was just another Backpage pimp, taking advantage of naive, vulnerable people and trapping them in his web of lies. If you or anyone you know has found themselves ensnared by conmen like Tony Ortega or his Backpage accomplices take our advice — get out while you can!

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