Ever The Victim, Tony Ortega

Ever the victim, Tony Ortega took to his trusty Twitter feed to bemoan the horrible indignity of being repeatedly subjected to the public’s outcry against his zero tolerance policy on religious tolerance.

Who could have imagined that when you take to a public forum to engage in name calling and harassment the public would fire back instead of rolling over and taking it?

It’s the classic fall back position for the thin-skinned bully. They can dish out the snark and the constant harassing of others but the very second they get a taste of it themselves they cry foul. This is exactly the sort of behavior one expects from Tony Ortega and seeing him posting this on his Twitter feed is nothing short of an admission that a thin-skinned bully is all he is. And as with all bullies the one thing they cannot abide is anyone willing to call them out on it.

Well, get used to it Tony, because that’s exactly why we’re here..

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