‘Evidence’ is a Four Letter Word For Ortega

Tony Ortega

Since we’ve begun running our recent series of stories detailing Tony Ortega’s history of pushing fake stories we’ve been inundated by tipsters pointing us to further examples of the ‘plain-as-day fraud’ which has been the hallmark of Tony Ortega’s career. One eagle-eyed reader pointed us to the following which illustrates Ortega’s disregard for truth even in the most trivial in a clear and damning fashion.

It revolves around a feature story the Village Voice ran about one Tamicka Bourges, a student at the for-profit Berkeley College, who had gone heavily into debt to finance a degree that she failed to get.

The Village Voice wrote: “My parents never made a lot of money, so I was hoping that with a business bachelors degree, I could go into banking,says Bourges, who describes her high school performance as OK.She received Bs and Cs in most of her classes, but performed poorly on the SAT. Harvard was out of the question,she laughs.

The truth of the matter, however, was that Bourges didn’t laugh. She could not.  She doesn’t exist. She was made up, along with a Berkeley College spokesperson,” by one Ron Sgobbo, a freelance writer for the Village Voice, hired by Tony Ortega.

Mr. Sgobbo appeared to be a real person, however, in spite of his surname, which sounds suspiciously parodic.  Nor was suspicion in this regard unwarranted, as the voice’s unscrupulous editor, Tony Ortega, had already been caught posting similarly-fraudulent stories under the fictitious name (Antoine Oman”) in the past.

Once again Ortega ran a story with no attempt whatever to verify anything it said.  No one at the Village Voice checked a single thing about this story — not with the college, not with Ms. Bourges” — Tony Ortega let it run because the facts do not matter to him. All that matters is an eye catching, clickbait headline designed to foment whatever fabricated controversy he has in mind to launch that day.

To Tony Ortega, ‘evidence’ is a four letter word. Sadly for Tony the Internet is awash with examples of his past misdeeds against journalism — and ample evidence of the falsehoods he’s spread over the years are only too easy to find.

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