Exclusive: an Outside Look at Howdy Con

Last week we reported a little about the mysterious annual meeting of Tony Ortega’s secret cabal of followers called Howdy Con. Over the weekend our Chicago tipster sent in some exclusive pictures of these top minds at work:

Evidently Tony enforces a very strict ‘basement dweller’ dress code.

Last but not least the ringleader, Ortega himself, holding court among the crackpots. The only people who it seems will hear him out these days.

The exact purpose of this annual convention remains unknown but one thing is certain: Tony Ortega is so hungry for attention he will literally fly himself across the country on Arielle Silverstein’s dime (his wife) to sit down with the confused, half-dozen or so remaining fans of his hate-speech blog. The pictures above bear witness to his depressing, obsessive need to be the center of it all.

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