Fake News: Brought To You By Tony Ortega Part 2

Tony Ortega concocted a purposefully fake and misleading bit of libel in bad faith to take yet another petty swipe at his relentless hatred for Scientologists. In it he falsely claims that Scientology conspired to donate $20,000 last month to local city programs in order to “buy” special police protection from riots which no one could have anticipated at the time.

Well, today we finish the work we started in our last piece – demolishing Tony Ortega’s latest conspiracy.

Readers will recall that Tony Ortega had accused the Hollywood Division of the Los Angeles Police Department of abandoning their sworn duty to protect and serve the people of that city, choosing instead to “protect” a building containing Scientology offices by funneling rioting protesters virtually up against the building’s front doors. I mean, we know Tony Ortega doesn’t have much going on upstairs, but this is a giant leap in stupid even for him.

However, other pictures disprove Tony Ortega’s shameless lie:

In the images above we can clearly see how the police orchestrated their response.

Tony Ortega would have you believe what you see above was the “protective ring” (to use his phrase) the police department employed to encircle the Scientology building and give them preferred protection.

That’s not at all what the pictures show because that’s not what happened.

But then consider the source of this fabrication: a narcissist who’s obsessed by an imagined conspiracy that everyone but he, Tony Ortega, is corrupt.

Ask yourself, would a police department in a city the size of Los Angeles  with an operating budget of 1.89 billion dollars sell themselves out for a mere $20,000 the way Tony Ortega suggests, or is there something else going on here?

Those of us familiar with how Tony operates would suggest that there is.

Once again, Tony Ortega is projecting. 

It is not the LAPD, but Tony Ortega would sell himself for such a price. And why not, he has done it countless times before with his Backpage bosses, we hear from Karen de la Carriere and with the phony “donations” scheme on his website.

It’s Tony Ortega who would jump through whatever hoops he was commanded to. It’s Tony Ortega who would abandon any sense of ethical integrity when told to.  And it’s Tony Ortega who would turn his back on his professional duties for the smallest amount of cash.

The irony of it all is that it’s precisely because Tony Ortega is so easily bought and sold he imagines everyone else must be the same way. Patently absurd.

Simply because Tony Ortega is as corrupt as he is vacuous doesn’t therefore mean the LAPD must be corrupt too.

If only Tony Ortega weren’t such a narcissist he might understand that.

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