Fake News: Brought To You By Tony Ortega

You guessed it, Tony Ortega is selling simplistic self-serving narratives to his gullible readers again— the only problem, none of it is true.

With all the instability and uncertainty unfolding around us some are taking advantage, opportunistically using the situation to sow chaos and harm — and Tony Ortega is no different.

Consider the post Tony Ortega made only today on his blog under the heading “A simple observation” in which he attempts to insinuate that the Hollywood Division of the LAPD would drop everything in the middle of a city-wide emergency and circle their wagons around the Scientology building.

On its face, it’s nothing short of the typical delusional conspiracy peddling Tony Ortega so often traffics in. Only this time Ortega doesn’t stop there. Instead he doubles down, offering what his obsessive mind conceives of as “proof” in the form of the picture below:

Tony Ortega claims the picture above  shows the LAPD are laser-focused on protecting Scientology’s offices at the expense of all else, because that is what he wants you to believe. That is what plays to the classic Tony Ortega pearl-clutching “it’s all a conspiracy” narrative.

And it’s all a lie.

Here are the screenshots that Ortega didn’t show you from the same TV station. As you can see the protesters were scattered everywhere.

Did Tony Ortega mention the looters? Did Ortega mention protesters throwing objects at the police? Did Ortega provide you with the correct conclusion as to why there was so much police presence? Of course he did not.

The only thing Tony Ortega’s “simple observation” proves is that Ortega is trying to cash in on the chaos of these times with every bit as much craven, self-serving opportunism as the worst of the looters.

Don’t let him get away with it.

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