For Tony Ortega, Anonymous Donors and Sponsored Content Raise More Questions Than They Answer

For a while now people have been wondering about Tony Ortega’s Social Media. We here have spent a fair amount of page space exploring this question ourselves. Of late there have been a rise in what we might call ‘guest posts’ while Ortega’s own writing remains missing in action. It raises one very important question about Ortega’s “journalistic integrity”. Is he being paid to host sponsored content by anonymous donors he refuses to reveal in order to spread fake news?

Increasingly, sites like Ortega’s host what amounts to online advertising intentionally designed to look like legitimate stories.

Take Ortega’s recent habit of posting pieces written by competing blogger than Jeffery Augustine. Much like Tony Ortega, Augustine is supported by his common-law wife Karen de la Carriere.

It’s been an open secret that Ortega has accepted money from his “readers”.  Ortega’s Ill-fated book tour of a few years ago was an interesting example of this. Hotel rooms, dinners, and library event rooms were all paid for by someone… and that anonymous someone certainly wasn’t Tony Ortega.

Wasit Karen de la Carriere’s money that anonymously propped up Ortega’s book tour? Sketchy as that might appear, however, this fact alone doesn’t do much to impeach Ortega’s credibility (we are talking about Tony Ortega here, a man who openly begs for money on both his blog site and Twitter account after all.)

This is where Ortega’s continued insistence on headlining pieces written by Augustine becomes so curious. Is he being paid to promote de la Carriere’s kept man in a quid pro quo scheme designed to ‘advertise’ Augustine’s fake news?

The reason this is important is that self-styled “journalists” like Tony Ortega are supposed to label all paid content, and paid by whom, if they publish “news”. This allows you, as the reader, to know whether you are reading news or reading a hidden commercial for something else.  Ortega’s perpetual habit of ‘cross promotion’ without acknowledging these financial arrangements is a giant red flag. And this lack of transparency speaks volumes about Ortega’s journalist integrity as it, too, appears missing in action.

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