Forgotten by Donors, Ortega Lashes Out

While it is no secret Tony Ortega has long been famously obsessed with Scientology, his second preoccupation these days, as a chronically unemployed/unemployable deadbeat, is with money.

Even a quick glance at the Tony Ortega blog, is enough to tell you all you need to know about his lust for cold hard cash. His little virtual begging operation has been in full swing for a while and, given the sorry state of his homemade blog, his coffers are far from full.

Maybe that’s why when the topic of Scientology donors is on the table, unsurprising, Tony Ortega loses his mind.

Well, that seems to be the case in what passes for the latest update to the Ortega blog. Right out of the gate it’s clear Ortega’s jealously gets the better of him as he launches right into the mocking the annual meeting of the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) in which donors are thanked and feted for their giving.

You can practically hear his teeth gnashing and grinding as he carefully lists this years top donors. Of course Ortega has taken the extra step of including glamour shots of all the rich folks – an obsessive like Tony, sick with envy could really do no less.

Tony would love nothing more than to report that the giving within Scientology has lessened but poor Tony has no such luck. Donations this year were bigger than ever, leading Tony to have to think quickly to alter his narrative.

He writes: “[W]e have to say we’re pretty blown away. Everything we saw from the event itself indicated that the crowds are getting smaller and smaller. It’s one of those wild paradoxes about Scientology: …big donors have actually increased.”

Everything we saw?’ Where you there, Tony? No you weren’t. So you had to fudge the facts a little to make your story fit, didn’t you? Hardly the first time we’ve seen this sort of behavior from Ortega and it’s doubtful it will be the last.

When Ortega’s petty obsession meets his jealous greed he lashes out. It’s all a part of Tony Ortega’s same sick, impotent cycle we’ve to know and loath.

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