Former mouthpiece Tony Ortega tries to put up a new look


Six years after losing his job at the Village Voice, Tony Ortega remains unemployed. While Ortega describes himself as “a dude and a laptop”, he is living off of his wife’s United Nations salary. Kept men have no shame.

Ortega is obsessed over Scientology and Scientologists which he stalks on a regular basis by demanding his scavengers to find any information or photographs they can find about his designated targets regardless of their sex or age. Ortega constantly violates his victim’s privacy, he disparages them and interferes with their businesses or places of work.

Someone once described Ortega, “He is just a coward with internet access”.

Ortega is not a journalist because he never writes about important world’s events or news. He gets paid a few bucks by his cult followers to write anti-religious articles. He so fascinated with himself that he created an annual gathering where his minions gather around booze and worship him.

Ortega might give you the impression that he is healthy and happy, but he is mentally unstable. It’s a shame, however, that he refused to come forward and tell federal law enforcement about Backpage sex trafficking cover ups both from his former bosses and himself.

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