Former Source Dishes Inside “Scoop” on Working with Tony Ortega

Tony Ortega

Tony Ortega, who is fond of inflating his credentials to make himself appear more important and consequential than he is, was for a while in the habit of referring to himself as ‘the proprietor’.  As patently ridiculous as this sounds, we don’t think this is simply another one of his tone deaf attempts at humor. (Like the time he made that truly disgusting joke about a double rape)

Still, it did remind us of a very public response made by one of the many so-called ‘sources’ Ortega has used and abused over the course of his petty, self-serving career as a hack tabloid journalist.

Tony Ortega’s source begins her open letter of complaint, pulling no punches with regards to Ortega’s preposterous claim about his relationship with Scientology.

She writes:

 “First of all, what do you mean youre the proprietor” of Scientology, Tony? Is that you admitting that your involvement in all things Scientology is a business?”

An excellent point. Because of course being a troll is a legitimate form of business in Tony’s mind. It’s all he knows how to do. And seeing how impossible it seems to have been for him to hold down a real job over the last.

Ortega’s source continues in her blistering indictment of Tony Ortega’s woefully non-existent standards as a professional:

“Its almost incredible how much Ive learned about the way you operate & ‘do business.’… I should have done this a long time ago. But hopefully the people reading this will understand that this isn’t a business for me. This is real life. Its my life. And I won’t accept your mistreatment or misuse of the influence you have as a journalist.”

Absolutely! To Tony Ortega people are objects to be used and discarded once he’s picked them clean of anything he believes might further his selfish agenda. 

This might be why the question of just what kind of ‘professional’ Ortega claims to be is one people who have had the displeasure of working with him seem unanimously to be left with.

Indeed, it’s a question Ortega’s former source raises herself:

“Thats what you are, arent you? A journalist? Or an ijournalist? Do you model journalistic integrity?  If I could answer that question for you, Id say no. Because that’s been my experience with you. Writing an open letter is my very last ditch effort to find peace with all this. Not so you & I can pretend to fix” this. No, that will never happen. 

What you’ve done is unforgivable. But it’s all I can do before I decide whether or not this is worth suing you in court over.”

The fact is what Tony Ortega has done, currently does, and in all likelihood will continue to do, is unforgivable. It gives us hope to see that so many of his former sources agree with us on this point. 

We hope that more of them might decide on pursuing legal action against him because fear that the full weight of the law might finally catch up to them is one thing bullies like Tony Ortega all have in common.

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