“Garbage In, Garbage Out”

We at the blog have been addressing Tony Ortega’s checkered past as a tabloid hack, selling his sordid lies to a variety of disreputable organizations over the years. 

The fact that Tony Ortega hasn’t been selling much of anything to anyone over the past half-decade must surely stand as some testament to how toxic his name has become in the industry. 

Who can say exactly how Tony Ortega became so radioactive a ‘brand’ over the years?

Was it because of his multiple online affairs, like the ones which cost him two previous marriages? Was it due to his many obsessive attack pieces on Scientology, a stunt which played a major role in tanking his credibility as an alt-weekly editor? Was it because of the bullying belligerence of his overbearing personality which we hear again and again from so many of his former co-workers?

More likely, it is a combination of all these facts about Ortega. But as we’ve remarked on previously, Ortega surrounds himself with people as bad as he is – and the result seems to be a never ending feedback loop of despicable behavior. 

In the technology world there is a term for this, they call it: “garbage in, garbage out” — it is the concept that flawed or nonsense input data produces nonsense, potentially dangerous output or “garbage”.

Among Tony Ortega’s inner-circle of deplorables contributing to his “garbage in, garbage out” lifestyle are Marc and Claire Headley. If there is any truth to the old adage, “if you want to know a man’s quality, look at his friends,” surely Marc and Claire Headley prove truly damning character witnesses against Tony Ortega.

Much like Ortega, the Headleys are obsessed by their need to denigrate others in order to feel good about themselves. And they don’t care how much they have to fake, fabricate or falsify to achieve their self-interested ends.

Marc Headley was a disgraced former Scientology staff member who took off in the night after it was discovered he had been selling stolen audiovisual equipment on eBay and pocketing the proceeds for himself. Embittered and humiliated their harebrained scam had been exposed, Headley and his wife Claire swore they would get revenge any way they could.

It was at this point this pair of two-time losers decided they would file two bogus lawsuits against their former Church. Like their pal Tony Ortega, their claims were filled with lie after lie crafted to make themselves look like the good guys while making as many absurd allegations as they could muster.

Ironically, given their close relationship with Tony “Backpage” Ortega, the false and inflammatory pretexts of their threadbare case dealt with made-up assertions of human trafficking. 

How it is that all of these unpleasant people keep finding themselves surrounded by human trafficking? Perhaps this is a question they should start asking themselves. 

Naturally, the lawsuits were dismissed by U.S. District Court Judge Dale Fischer, who ordered the Headleys to pay Scientology $42,000 in court costs. In fact, when Judge Fischer’s decision was upheld by the U.S. Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals in Headley v. Church of Scientology International, et al. 687 F.3d 1173 (2012), the opinion stated:

“Rather, the record overwhelmingly shows that the Headleys joined and voluntarily worked for the Sea Org because they believed that it was the right thing to do, because they enjoyed it, and because they thought that by working they were honoring the commitment that they each made and to which they adhered. We think it telling that the Headleys protest very little about their actual day-to-day jobs with the Sea Org—for Marc, film creation and production; for Claire, management and supervision.”

It seems that playing fast and loose with the facts never seems to work out for Tony Ortega and his friends when there is a paper trail contradicting their every lie does it?

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