“H” for Hypocrisy

“As with so many other issues, it’s apparently going to take someone they personally know dropping dead before some of these selfish crackpots stop spreading misinformation and start thinking about the greater good.”   – Tony Ortega on Twitter

File the above tweet by Tony Ortega recently under “H” for Hypocrisy. There’s so much of Ortega’s flippant hypocritical snark at work in this post that we felt an obligation to you, our readers, to help break it down.

What exactly does Tony Ortega mean by his opening, “[a]s with so many other issues”? What issues do you have in mind here Tony? For a guy who only seems to deal with issues involving his pet obsession, Scientology, Tony seems to be casting a pretty broad net here. (The knowledge he has of Scientology is wanting in the extreme, we can’t imagine how ignorant he must be on subjects he’s obsessed by.)

Tony suggests it’s “going to take someone they personally know dropping dead” before the “selfish crackpots stop spreading misinformation. Really, Tony Ortega? There are few people we know who engage in more non-stop spread of misinformation than you! The lies you sell endanger the lives of countless people every time you open your fat mouth — whether it be innocent, law abiding citizens practicing a religion you don’t understand or the underage sex-trafficked girls you sat back and watched getting victimized in order to help your bosses earn more cold, hard cash.

Honestly, the question here is what is it going to take to get you to see that you are the poster boy of “selfish crackpots” (your words) everywhere. You are the prototypical narcissistic wingnut who willfully spreads false information in the hopes that humiliation, harassment, and physical harm might befall those you’ve targeted with your bigotry.

At the end of the day that is what it’s about for Tony Ortega. The bullying, the harassment, the rallying calls to other ‘crackpots’ and providing them with platforms to propagate their anti-religious hate speech.

It’s about time Tony Ortega started taking his own advice. Stop the spread of misinformation, Tony. Take a look in the mirror and realize that the “selfish crackpot” you see in the reflection is a major part of the problem!

Time to take your own advice, Tony Ortega — “start thinking about the greater good” and shut up for once.

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