Hate Conquers Nothing

The whole story could make quite a movie – a Saudi Arabian woman + practising [sic] Muslim marries a Jewish congerssman [sic] who turns out to be a major dick. hehehe.

Kind of Love Conquers All, just the opposite. – Arielle Silverstein, aka Bozuri

It’s not often we read an idea for a movie pitch from Arielle Silverstein, so when we do it catches our eye. Let’s be honest, we know Arielle is attempting to be sarcastic here as she compares the tawdry details Anthony Weiner affair to a movie of the week but as is so often the case with Arielle Silverstein she is perhaps revealing more about herself than she realizes.

Something about this story really seems to resonate with her personally given the number of times we’ve already seen her reference it. What is it we wonder? Could it be she is seeing something of a parallel in her own series of bad decisions in life?

What if instead of a Saudi Arabian woman who was a “practicing” Muslim (to use Arielle Silverstein’s third grade level English), we took an Israeli woman  who was non practicing Jew? And what if instead of marrying a Jewish congressman our heroine instead finds herself wedded to an unemployed atheist dirtbag?

Shift the categories just a little and it starts to look an awful lot like Arielle Silverstein sees her relationship with serial cheater Tony Ortega reflected in that of the foreign born lawyer wife who made the colossal miscalculation to marry an unfaithful deadbeat congressman.

Tony Ortega is not in politics. With his checkered history and shady personal past it’s doubtful he could get voted to local dog catcher, let alone a Congressman. But there is one more important character trait Arielle Silverstein must surely see in both the disgraced Congressman and her disgraceful hack husband which she offers to her readers with a cutting glee.

After all, the Arielle Silverstein and Tony Ortega love story is pretty much the opposite of Love Conquers All. Call it, “Hate Conquers Nothing”.

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