Hate Don’t Sell like it Used To

Following politics these days can be a tiring affair. Every day it seems the media reports a ‘new low’ for the nation, the latest breathtaking scandal. It may be that there is much to be looked into with regard to these scandals but the way the media incessantly ring the alarm bells day in and day out, using inflated, hyperbolic language to frame its discussion of national politics does them no favors.

It’s been much the same with Scientology in recent years. It seems all the wailing and carrying on from its “critics” is beginning to have an effect, but it’s not the effect they’d hoped for.

Never have we seen so much boredom with the subject of Scientology persecution.

IPC may well survive ratings crashes of Leah Remini and Mike Rinder’s bombing television series, even if it means rescheduling the remaining episodes of its latest season to Saturday mornings at 5:00am. But the fire has gone out of their game. All that is left for them now is to continue on in the futile hope of pumping up what’s left of the viewership with increasingly exaggerated claims and outlandish accusations.

But it’s not going to work.

Increasingly savvy audiences are becoming aware of just how producers like Rinder and Remini, and internet trolls like Tony Ortega have based their business models around manipulation and misdirection.

The facts surrounding Scientology are considerably more complex than the tired and cartoonish narrative they’ve constructed allows. The promise of ‘the next big revelation’ into Scientology by its “critics” has gone, and continues to go, unfulfilled. And people are beginning to see through the charade. The fever has broken and the interest of audiences, as demonstrated by the ratings, Tony Ortega’s disastrous Twitter analytics drop, etc., makes the point very clear.

How long will they struggle to keep running this played out game plan or are they so invested in their own self delusion that they can’t see the reality staring them in face: hatred just doesn’t sell like it used to.

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