“Hate is The Driver That Keeps Him Writing”

It’s not much of a stretch to suggest that if it weren’t for his incurable obsession with Scientology, Tony Ortega would have nothing to blog about.

On its face this may sound like a bold claim, especially as we’ve been looking in recent weeks at a number of Ortega’s past articles on a variety of other subjects (or, more accurately the overwhelming chorus of disappointment, disapproval and otherwise disgusted readers who made their voices heard in response to Ortega’s highly offense opinions.)

And yet we feel in some way this only proves our point. It’s clear that Tony Ortega has no real focus, casting about as he does between his pointless point-of-view puff pieces.

Have you ever noticed that Tony Ortega never really shows much interest in reporting facts? Instead, Ortega prefers to simply couch his own opinions and biases in such a way as to present them to his readers as fact – in a way he is prosecutor, judge and executioner.

Again, this is something that our recent examination of Tony Ortega’s past work has only further convinced us of – namely that Ortega really has nothing of substance whatsoever to say about ‘things as they truly are’.

Indeed, in everything he does he makes it clear that the facts are nowhere near as valuable as his ‘perceptions’ or the unconsidered, biased, ‘impressions’ he tries to pass off as ‘expert insight’.

None of this comes as any real surprise of course. Readers of this blog have long seen the narcissistic patterns evident in Tony Ortega’s writings. We’ve all seen how Tony Ortega shapes his stories around his preconceived ideas and invents narratives designed to push his bigoted agenda. For example, we pointed out in a recent article Tony Ortega’s hateful, atheistic world-view jumps out at the reader any time he writes on the topic of religion or the religious practitioners.

And why is this?

It’s simple, because hate is driver which keeps him writing. Not a thirst for truth, or a passion for examining issues of the day. Tony Ortega is and has always been goaded by his selfish desire to put the hate he feels inside himself, inside of his readers. His goal is to substitute their thinking with his own distorted thoughts.

This recent examination into Tony Ortega’s past work, however, has given us hope. It’s not just those of us here at the blog who see this, the public at large as been onto Ortega’s scam for years and it is clear they haven’t been letting him get away with it.

And neither will we.

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