Hate: The Fire that Fuels Tony Ortega Part I

One of Tony Ortega’s specialties is and has always been cherry-picking parts of Scientology, exaggerating and distorting them like a fun house mirror and then assigning those characteristics to all of Scientology and to all Scientologists.

It’s the subtext of almost everything he writes about Scientology. But now he is letting his subtext become his text. This demonstrates an important change in Tony Ortega’s “editorial policy” of the years. In fact, when Tony Ortega joined the crowd of rabid Scientology critics on the Internet in 2011 the downward trajectory of his career took on a decidedly hateful tone. It was then the began to obsessively write about Scientology every day.

Even a passing familiarity with Tony Ortega makes clear that his deprecations and denigrations aren’t just for show, he is serious about destroying all religion — beginning with Scientology. As we’ve seen, Tony Ortega doesn’t simply dislike Scientology and Scientologists, his hatred extends to pretty much everyone who has ever followed any religion. And Ortega’s wife, Arielle Silverstein, follows his foot steps. A match made in haven, no pun intended.

Once a hater always a hater.

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