Hate: The Fire that Fuels Tony Ortega Part II

To Ortega, it must have appeared as an ideal way to write and sell his book, maybe even get on TV or in the movies by leveraging his sources from within and without Scientology, for whom he had such contempt. He could interview former celebrity Scientologists to get scoops that no one else could get. He could whip up the dramatics around Scientology, twist and obscure the facts, and share with his online followers the breathless, crazed version Scientology he had concocted.

But there was one problem – his hatred for anyone who does not share his atheism.

And Ortega’s would-be sources were the exact kind of people he despised the most, those with beliefs running counter to his own lack of anything like a moral compass.

So Tony Ortega had to solve this problem – how could he ingratiate himself with his sources in order to get from them what he wanted while at the same time, reviling them as contemptible pawns to be used to spin his web of fiction about Scientology?

He came up with a great campaign to drive interest in his crusade and to create an abundance sources to exploit: It was a series of posts on the Village Voice Runnin Scared blog. In reality this series, was little more than a collection of smear stories and hit pieces orchestrated to fashion Scientology into a sort of straw man scapegoat upon which he could heap all of his scorn and hatred for religion.

He began to track down former Scientologists, hectoring and intimidating them into participating in his campaign to defame Scientology and its practices. His sense of entitlement and lack of regard for former Scientologists seemed to know bounds, often calling in the middle of the night demanding information.

As reports of Ortega’s excesses began to circulate, a broader picture of Tony Ortega and his methods began to emerge. As one of Ortega’s sources admitted, “If he wanted something from you, he would slobber all over you. But if you had nothing for him, he let you know how he really felt.” And it wasn’t pretty.

This is the two-faced nature of Tony Ortega, whose desire to destroy systems of belief, indeed, even those who would hold to such systems of belief, is fueled by his burning hatred of religion and his own egotistical need to be ‘the world of intolerant atheism’s’ critic of note.

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