Hateful Words Hateful Actions

Today Tony Ortega is a full time hatemonger, whose long history of sponging off his parents-in-law, Dina Azbel and Leonid Silverstein, will come as old news to our readers.

What has gone less commented on is Ortega’s penchant for online begging via PayPal. As he has been, unsurprisingly, unable to secure anything in the way of advertising or sponsorship for his uniformly negative hate-rant blog, Ortega has adopted a strategy of attempting to fleece his few rage-filled commenters into financially patronizing the unsupported, factually misleading, libelous statements he routinely promotes. Again and again, Tony Ortega demonstrates repeatedly that there is no bar too low, no act of begging too debasing for him to pursue if it means a few extra coins in his pocket.

It would be shameful enough if it all ended there but actions have consequences. And the consequences of Ortega’s hate-blogging have been all too real.

On the fourteenth of December 2015, a fan of Tony Ortega’s named Erin McMurtry, who was inspired by the anti-Scientology rhetoric on Ortega’s blog drove her car through the front of the Church of Scientology in Austin, TX careening through a designated nursery area, somehow failing hit a single innocent bystander.

That no one was hurt was a minor miracle, but that didn’t stop Ortega from heartlessly sounding off on the subject, sarcastically suggesting the Austin Scientology Org had been turned into a drive-in and asking his readers, “anyone know where Larry Wright was last night?”

Let’s call this event what it is, an act of terrorism. One inspired by the radical rhetoric of an extremist who jokes about what came very close to otherwise might easily have been a bloody attack costing the lives of innocent infants.

At various turns Tony Ortega comes across as a moocher, a beggar, a falsifier of facts — and we can be tempted to dismiss him as such, a ridiculous figure shouting his hate-driven negativity impotently into the blogosphere.

But hateful words can inspire hateful actions. As ridiculous as Tony Ortega often appears it is wise to remember he is a man of hateful words who can inspire such hateful actions in those who buy into his con.

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