Hey Ortega’s cult followers, keep lying to yourself

Predictable push back after this week’s bombshell stories exposing not a few prominent members of the anti-Scientology cabal. In true propagandistic form, the shills at work inside the “critic” crowd are re-directing the indisputable fact that they’ve been employing armies of fake Twitter accounts by trying to gin up the exact against Scientology now.

Wow. We know Tony Ortega and his pals claims are both tired and derivative at this point but this truly takes the cake. In our coverage of this developing story we didn’t just make the hollow claim that Jeff Augustine, Tony Ortega, Karen de la Carriere, Leah Remini  and others were rigging the system with ‘pay for play’ Twitter accounts — we produced the authentic receipts in the form of the actual data collected by socialblade.com. Those charges have gone unrefuted because Ortega and friends know they are unrefutable.

Where is the proof of Augustine’s warrantless and petty allegation? Or is this another in the long sad litanies of hate in which the Ortega’s cult followers  play the victim card and gainsay their own crimes?

It’s no longer just your public who have gotten wise to the underhanded tactics you and your co-conspirators use, Jeffery Augustine. Twitter is on to you now. And as their algorithms improve their ability to sniff out fake accounts you can expect further reductions in your so-called “followers.”

And we’ll be here to document it, but let’s begin with these:

Leah Remini:

Karen de la Carriere:

Jeffrey Augustine:

Tony Ortega:

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