Hiring Tony Ortega Is Like Buying Discounted Milk Long Past Its Expiration Date

There’s absolutely no mistaking the fact that this past week has signaled an epochal shift in our society as pertains to sex trafficking. And, as we’ve been reporting to our readers, we see this as a clear and total rejection of just about every point of view Tony Ortega has espoused on the subject. 

Not that Tony Ortega is or was ever an authority on the subject. He was chosen by the original kingpins of online human trafficking for the simple fact that having zero professional ethics and nothing to speak of when it comes to personal integrity, Tony Ortega was (and remains) easily manipulatable — for the right price.

Many who have worked with Ortega in the past speak of him in terms of ‘an attack dog for hire’, a ‘bully’, and a ‘pseudo-tough guy with a massive inferiority complex’.

The simple truth is Ortega believes the rules of ethical journalism do not apply to him. We believe his past behavior — some of which we’ve examined here on the blog —  clearly illustrates he believes he has a license to harass, lie, stalk, insult and violate people’s privacy in the pursuit of his own inflated self-interest and bottomless greed.

Unemployed as he is, however, Tony Ortega’s motivation isn’t simply attributable to his thirst for money. 

He is an exceptionally petty man, who often wears his personal grudges on his sleeve. Chalk it up to his craven immaturity and acute awareness of his own status as a failed tabloid hack who couldn’t cut it in the big leagues of legitimate print media. 

In seeking to settle his scores, the misguided vendettas he wages against his perceived enemies take on a decidedly ugly, underhanded tone.  He will often use shady private investigators to gather information. If some of what those sketchy private dicks do breaks a few laws here and there, well, let’s just say that’s not a concern that keeps Ortega awake at night. 

It is, after all, no secret that Ortega has published stolen information in the past. And there’s every reason to believe he’d do it again, given half the opportunity.

Previously, we’ve described how, since being fired by the Village Voice in September 2012, Ortega has remained chronically unemployed. Sure, there may have a few odd jobs here and there, but none of them he held for very long. Sooner or later whoever hires Tony Ortega catches on to his con and sends him packing as soon as he’s outlived whatever despicable use he had. 

In that respect, hiring Tony Ortega is like buying discounted milk long past its expiration date. Sure it’s cheap, and certainly not in any great demand, but let the buyer beware — the label it wears belies what it truly is, inside it’s fermented to the point of poison. 

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