How an Attempted Murderer Becomes a Hero, According to Tony Ortega

Tony Ortega makes a hero out of Arnaldo (Arnie) Pagliarini Lerma, who attempted to murder his wife, Ginger Sugerman, before killing himself on March 16, 2018.

Hypocrisy is the operative word when it comes to Tony Ortega and his followers. Some say Lerma was a “hero” and others that he was an attempted murderer. Many are distancing themselves from Lerma and others reprimanded Ortega for his sleazy blog report.

But other Ortega’s followers wanted nothing to do with Arnie Lerma a long time before he attempted to kill his wife.

We discovered an article published many years ago entitled, What Arnaldo Lerma’s Friends Think of Him, where people that knew Lerma were chatting amongst each other and had the following to say about him:

[Name Deleted]: “The very first time I spoke to, he ‘warned’ me about Arnie.. told me to ‘steer clear of Lerma, he’s a nut job’….that was 2 years ago. … and he said: ‘Oh, you’ve been listening to Arnie Lerma’s crackpot theories eh?’.”

Patricia Greenway: “F-king Lermaloon.”

Scott Pilutik: “He seems to be getting some *world class* assistance from Arnaldo and has also not done too badly at all documenting hair raising corruption in the courts himself … Arnaldo will have to fill you in on all that…”

[Name Deleted]: “After 25 years or so we all sorta know what rings true.”

Scott Pilutik: “Help from Arnie’ is oxymoronic.”

[Name Deleted]:”Arnie can only give ‘world class’ assistance in stupidity.”

Scott Pilutik: “It’s like a curse: ‘may Arnie help you’.”

[Name Deleted]: “Lerma’s more likely to communicate well with grunts.”

Rob Clark: “Arnie’s unfortunately nutz. He actually posted that psycho shit again.”

Patricia Greenway: “He DID?”

Rob Clark: “You know, if I posted something like that I would be mighty embarrassed when I woke up, sober again. Cause it would take some pretty powerful drugs and booze to get psycho enough to write a crazy piece of shit like that.”

Patricia Greenway: “Oh my god, he has no shame. Well, that’s life in George Orwell’s Animal House.”

Rob Clark: “Arnie is so whacked-out he can write a nutty piece of shit like that and then, months later, post it again, completely unaware that he’s crazier than Dorian.”

[Name Deleted]: “He has gotten more incoherent …”

Kady O’Malley: “I think actually, we should have a best of Lermatics contest.”

[Name Deleted]: “… I haven’t seen a single lucid moment out of him [Arnie Lerma] since before last year. … It’s rare you see something this incoherent and yet phrased in complete sentences. … Well, usually Arnie’s Lermacy isn’t in complete sentences.”

Rob Clark: “Arnie’s posting nut rants. God, Arnie is a f-ing tard how aggressively, deeply stupid he still doesn’t get that shafting your kids out of child support for decades while having access to millions is not “forgetting to dot an i.”

Patricia Greenway: “Jesse is FED up with Bunker and Lerma making up all that shit on a.r.s.”

Keith S: “I’m fed up with it too.”

[Name Deleted]: “This would mean that somebody would clear those posts and that refers pretty much to Arnie’s lunatic attempts to control ars.”

Keith S: “I see Lerma’s still pulling the same shit on ars.”

Lerma was also known for his extremist ideas and actions. He was a staunch supporter of the “Holocaust did not exist” propaganda as if the concentration camps were movie props, or the Nuremberg trials were Broadway plays or the photographs showing thousands of exterminated Jews were photo ops.

It was a well known established fact that Arnie Lerma was a drug user since a young age. He became addicted to pain killers and had a serious coke habit up until 1993. He also kept collecting his mother’s social security payments, after her death, to pay for his addiction.

Lerma had a history of exploiting (living off of their money) and abusing women and Ginger Sugerman was the last one. Even Sugerman admits that Lerma had taken her money. But some questions remain, if Sugerman told Lerma that she was divorcing him and that she wanted all her money back, and after the police refused to take Lerma’s guns away why did she stay home knowing that he was unstable and dangerous? If Lerma was suicidal and high on Oxycontin, why didn’t she take the necessary precautions?

Until the police is done with its investigation and release their findings we don’t know what really happened.

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