How the Anti-Scientology Movement Manipulates

Social scientists who study minority religions have observed that the main activity of the hate groups that oppose them is to create a moral panic around a targeted minority religion strong enough to make governments react.

This is directly from the playbook critics of minority religions routinely use.

Many studies were commissioned in Europe and the US in the late 90’s, asking social scientists to weigh in with real quantitative analysis on the issues surrounding opposition to minority religions in their countries.

One thing became clear very quickly, namely that the movements were often made up of ex-members, some with real stories of abuse, some with a flipped anti-religious fervor against their former religion.

These studies revealed they’d found journalists in these anti-religion movements whose job was to sell newspapers and books promoting the most salacious angles. They found psychologists who needed to promote their psychological practices for “recovery”. And they found atheists who were just as fervently against the minority religions based on their atheistic beliefs as were the members of mainstream religions. All these disparate interests were working together, for their own reasons, to “raise awareness” of the abuse in the minority religion – only some of which was real.

Moreover, it was found that these movements vigorously fought against social scientists who applied scientific discipline because, very often, this scientific discipline deflated the panic the anti-religious movement was trying to whip up.

After observing people like Tony Ortega who routinely lie about the beliefs of Scientologists, it’s clear that Tony needs to be watched, and questioned, and scrutinized for every word he says. As with Leah Remini, the emotional manipulation he regularly engages in, in pursuit of a moral panic, is quite obvious now.

The agenda behind this movement lead by Ortega and Remini perniciously and insidiously conjures deep-seated intolerance. It is designed to. Though they try so hard to play the part of ‘truth tellers’ the fact is they want nothing more than to sow chaos and discord with their misinformation.

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