How The Backpage Fooled No One

Yesterday we wrote about the unique case currently underway in Florida courts brought by Florida Abolitionists, Inc. It alleges Backpage knowingly broke human trafficking laws and caused tremendous drains on the resources of the agency in its fight to end modern human slavery.

Interestingly, the lawsuit makes explicit mention of an attempted ruse pulled by Backpage officials (James Larkin and Michale Lacey) shortly before their refusal to testify at a Subcommittee hearing on the matter in January 2017.

The case alleges that the night before the hearing the defendants purported to shut down to the “Adult Services” section of the Backpage but instead simply diverted the sex trafficking adverts to the “Dating” section of its website. They did this purposefully, knowingly and intentionally, so that Backpage’s traffickers and clientele would understand to migrate there without affecting their business model.

Advertisements like the examples below were ‘reassigned’ in a thinly-veiled attempt to throw prosecutors off their trail:

Evidently the Backpage team thought their foolproof plan to obfuscate the selling of children for sex would work but who in their right mind would be fooled by such a cheap ploy?

The forces behind Backpage believed they would never get caught but no matter how loudly voices like pseudo-journalist Tony Ortega stick up for the actions of Backpage, the truth will out. And that must terrify any and all who worked for, defended, or otherwise assisted this campaign of evil.

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