How Tony Ortega Got Away With Murder Part II

At the end of last year we began digging still further into Tony Ortega’s dirty history, shilling for Backpage and disparaging anyone with the courage to speak up against the vile criminality of selling underage girls to internet perverts. We noted how through all the public backlash Tony Ortega continued spreading his lies unchecked, allowing Backpage to do even more damage.      

Today we’d like to explore some of the reasons Tony Ortega made such devious to help keep this digital pimp syndicate afloat.

In its time, Backpage was wildly successful selling illicit sex through its X-rated online portal. In fact federal authorities have revealed that during Backpage’s run as the world’s larges provider of illegal human tracking, its unethical scheme netted the company well in excess of half a billion dollars.

As one exclusive investigation into the corporate structure of Backpage exposed, the influx of cash was so great that the company soon began diverting funds from the ads to artificially boost Ortega’s tabloid rag the Village Voice.

What is more, its corporate overlords Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey openly flaunted their rock star lifestyles, paid for off the backs of their countless victims.  In the case of James Larkin, for instance, this even included ownership of an ostentatious vineyard in Napa Valley.

But what of Tony Ortega’s angle in all this? He, of course, richly compensated his bosses for playing the role of the main Backpage attack dog apologist. And when Ortega published article after article in the Village Voice claiming that human trafficking, like climate change, was the figment of well-meaning activists’ imagination, his bosses knew they’d hired the sucker for the job.

As a former employee of Tony Ortega’s who spoke to us here at the blog under the condition of anonymity reports:

I was one of the reporters who was sent out by Ortega to prove that Backpage wasnt doing any damage to society. He had me spend days going to courthouses in the five boroughs to see if Johns or pimps who used Backpage to either find or advertise girls for sex were being tried. The truth is we didnt find anyone who used Backpage standing trial. It was very frustrating as an assignment. But I believe Tony was just making us go through the motion knowing we wouldnt find anyone to prove a point, so that he could have us write a story saying Backpage isnt what its made out to be. He was like a climate denier. He was denying the obvious, and giving pedophiles ammunitions to continue their dirty deeds… Participating in this is the biggest regret of my career.

Indeed, of all those with whom we have talked who have had direct working contact with Tony there is one common recurring theme we hear over and over — working with Tony Ortega is the single biggest regret of their careers.

And we here at the blog understand the reason so many of those formerly associated with Ortega feel that way only too well.        

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