Human Trafficking Enthusiast Uses Fakes Name to Obscure Crimes

No, the above headline isn’t in reference to Tony Ortega (though you could be forgiven for thinking so, given his history of faking identities online and helping to coverup sex trafficking crimes.)

This story involves an entirely different scumbag charged with human trafficking and the online promotion of underage sex workers. While Tony Ortega could certainly be credibly accused of the latter, as of the writing of this blog post no official charges have been filed identifying him as a human trafficker under U.S. law.

Though indeed true that the creep in question stands accused of creating fake media profiles to fool victims and of using strong-arm tactics to bully them from testifying, we would remind our readers that the low-life we are talking about here is definitively not Tony Ortega — despite the eery similarities.

This criminal’s name is Nigel Nicholas. He was first arrested in February 2018 and charged with two counts of human trafficking and one count of promoting two or more sex workers.

According to arrest reports, the 53-year-old Kentuckian sold sex with underage teens, which he advertised on Backpage. (You might remember Backpage, that was the human sex trafficking platform Tony Ortega assured us over and over was for consenting adults and had every safeguard in place to make it impossible for child sex traffickers to use. It was the same one he accused us of being ‘hysterical’ in our ‘panic’ over, when those of us who knew he was liar called him out in the press.)

As it happens, this child trafficker, who was out on bail, was arrested again on Friday for using “deception and fraud to coerce victims, offering both finances and property in exchange for a retraction of allegations,” according to a news release.

Nicholas is accused of paying someone to come to Kentucky from Texas and help him put pressure on one of his alleged victims not to testify against him. The victim was allegedly offered an apartment, car, and money in return for keeping their mouth shut.

Again, we can’t help but see something of a parallel here. Is the behavior of this criminal any different from the way Backpage acted after the federal authorities began exerting legal pressure on them? How much was Tony Ortega offered to keep his silent on the topic? Was he threatened? Bribed? Paid-off? We wish we knew… But for now at least, Tony Ortega is keeping his fat trap shut.

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