Hypocrisy on Display

Once more Tony Ortega’s dishonest hypocrisy is on full display.

Consider this tweet from over the weekend and see if you can spot the cognitive disconnect, let alone the alarming lack of self awareness it would require to post this:

Bad faith moralizers? Honestly? Has Tony Ortega looked in the mirror lately? He might be taking a shot at politicians with that jab but the real perpetrator of such flagrant hypocrisy is Tony Ortega himself.

Any tragedy, regardless of how big or small, is one Ortega seeks to use as a weapon against those he disagrees with. And more to the point, who does he think he is if not the very definition of a ‘bad faith moralizer’?

Ortega routinely stumps as a moralizer of bad faith on the waste of bandwidth he calls a blog. Every time he calls someone out for bullying when he himself bullies and intimidates his ‘sources’ he is acting as a bad faith moralizer. When he dashes off a thoughtless tweet accusing others of the crimes he himself is guilty of, he acts as a bad faith moralizer. When he begs for donations while mocking Scientology for it, he is acting as a bad faith moralizer.

Can Tony Ortega really be this blind to his own double-speak? This deceitful sanctimoniousness of his is really getting old for those of us who understand him for what he truly is. It is past time for his rabid collection of readers who view him as some kind of ‘moral authority’ to wake up and see beyond the phony glibness and insincerity of his pestering. Tony Ortega is, and has always been, nothing more than a double-dealing bad faith fraud who flaunts his hypocrisy as though it were a badge of honor.

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