Hypocrite Alert: Arielle Silverstein’s “Winning Arguments”

At least I didn’t call you an anti-semite, which seems to be the winning argument among many of my dear contry [sic] men. When they have nothing more to say in a discussion that doesn’t go their way, they just scream “anti-semite” outloud. Occassionally [sic], they would also tell you about their dead relatives. Well, I did use my dead relatives when I emailed SWC.” – Arielle Silverstein aka Bozuri

The above quote byTony Ortega‘s wife, Arielle Silverstein, is indicative of the double speak her twisted rhetoric all too often takes.

In one breath she decries facile religious slurs, sarcastically referring to them as ‘winning arguments’ used by bigots who ‘have nothing more to say in a discussion that doesn’t go their way’. Well, apparently this means discussions Silverstein inserts herself into must rarely go her way as this is exactly the low-brow ad-hominem intolerance she makes regular use of in the countless unhinged attacks she attempts to make on people of religious faith.

Then, at the end of the very paragraph in which she mocks this approach, she completely reverses course and admits to using the same cheap tricks she accuses hard-nosed fanatics of engaging in. Is this tantamount to a confession we wonder?

And while we’re on the topic of Silverstein’s stunning hypocrisy, can we talk about her atrocious spelling? Ordinarily that’s not something we would point out but Silverstein goes out of her way time and time again to remind us just how ‘educated’ she is compared to those she mocks and yet the act of putting together a syntactically coherent sentence free from the sort of mistakes most people with 6th grade education would roll their eyes to read seems simply beyond her ability.

A word of advice, Arielle — if you are going to mock your perceived enemies for their low intelligence and sloppy arguments perhaps you might consider getting your own house in order first? Or maybe it’s simply the case that poor writing and specious reasoning is a pre-requisite for life in the Ortega household…?

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