Idiot-syncratic Behavior

There are times when the behavior of a person displays signs of some sort of obsessiveness. In most cases this is something other people might shrug off as odd or eccentric and not think anything else about it.

Of course there are outliers. These are the sorry lot for whom their obsessions provide the complete and total framework for their sad, repetitive lives — people like Tony Ortega, whose near total obsession with all things Scientology has left him entirely un-employable by respectable publishers from coast to coast.

Obsession in people like Tony Ortega, however, is not something one can merely write off as idiosyncratic behavior. (Perhaps ‘idiot-syncratic’ might be there more apt descriptor?)

How does an obsessive like Tony Ortega wind up in living such a diminished life? It’s been widely reported here on this blog and elsewhere how Tony Ortega has lost multiple job postings, countless relationships (professional and otherwise) and whatever remained of his “journalistic integrity” as a result of his all-consuming obsession with Scientology. Surely such a miserable fate wasn’t Tony Ortega’s plan when began living for his obsession, was it?

When observing the ‘obsessive’ it is important to take into consideration the lengths to which, in their delusion, they will go to conceal their true motivation. Their obsessive nature will cause them to go to extreme lengths to divert attention from themselves onto any other person, place or thing.

Rabid obsessives like Tony Ortega may be only too well aware that their compulsion is uncontrollable, but their total abandonment to the object of their obsession keeps them blinded from the reality of the situation.

Some will flounder in their efforts to conceal the compulsivity. Others, like Tony Ortega, lean into their obsessions making of it a sort of self-generated identity in the hopes that it might give their failure in life some meaning or purpose. For Tony Ortega, this has resulted in his becoming nothing more than a freeloading ‘kept’ man.

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