“I’m Kool With Her Being Young”:  The Backpage Pimp Saga Continues

Following on a story we first reported to our readers earlier, more details have emerged about the particularly shady Backpage-inspired crime involving a pimp in Wichita, Kansas who recruited a 15 year old girl to scout other potential underage girls for sex trafficking.

It seems the story, like the sordid tale of Backpage itself, gets creepier and more disturbing the deeper one examines it.

We originally reported that the unnamed minor’s phone was used by Wichita police to expose bigger fish higher up the chain of pimps. A new probable cause affidavit released this past Friday details how police arranged a meeting at a hotel where the young girl agreed to exchange money for sexual acts. It was here that police found 2,903 messages with her ‘managing pimp’ Van Long, dating from the months before the feds shuttered Backpage right up until the night the police intervened.

The messages, some of which are included in the affidavit, show that Van frequently asked the girl, who is only identified by the initials “CDS” in the court documents, to find him girls that he could pay for sex. He would ask for pictures and said, “I like y’all young.”

“How old is she,” he asked CDS about one of the girls on March 7.

“15,” CDS said.

Van asked to see the girl’s student ID as proof.

Then he wrote “Then I want her,” “She young,” “I wanna make sure,” and “Im kool with her being young,” according to the affidavit.

CDS told Van to pay her $200 and the 15-year-old girl $100, but keep that “between us.”

“U gonna pay her 100 and pay me 200 for bringing her and cause she’s a virgin,” CDS wrote to Van.

He repeatedly asked her “Any new girls?”

“Good young ones ok babe,” he said on March 18.

CDS wrote that “young girls really don’t mess wit it like 17-19 do tho . . . That good? . . . youngest I can try is like 16.”

“Ya i mean i don’t want no old ones,” he responded.

In April, CDS sent Van a text message saying, “I got 3 girls for you, rn!”

He wanted to know how old they were and where she found them.

“They my homegirls and I was wit them and they wanted to get put on,” she wrote.

CDS told Van to pay her $120 for the three girls — “40 each girl.”

In addition to charging Van a fee for finding him girls, CDS would also take 40% of the money from the girls being trafficked, according to the affidavit. In all, six different girls under age 18 were shopped to Van by CDS.

This week we have been looking at the sickening similarities between the Backpage managers and those pimps they used to exploit girls for profit. This story, in all its craven and maliciously manipulative detail, illustrates precisely the sort the pyramid scheme of preying on the weak and desperate that men like Tony Ortega knew full well had been baked into the business model from the beginning.

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