Individuals Like Tony Ortega Are Reprehensible

Tony Ortega

With court cases being delayed and investigations temporarily stayed amid the global pandemic, encouraging updates about Backpage prosecutions have been few and far between. 

Until now.  

On Tuesday July 28th, two men who pleaded guilty to trafficking an underage girl as part of a prostitution ring that operated in the Washington, D.C., area were sentenced to federal prison.

Elvis Pichardo Hernandez was sentenced to 13 years behind bars. Jose David Reyes-Gonzalez was sentenced to 14 years.

For those of us who have had Backpage and its vile henchmen like Tony Ortega on our radar screens for years this comes as most welcomed news. 

The U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, Zachary Terwilliger, said in a written statement:

“The damage inflicted upon children through this form of sexual exploitation is immeasurable. The victim-survivors are subject to multiple forms of mental, physical, and emotional trauma, the scars of which never fully fade…The minor victim in this case was particularly vulnerable, and her traffickers used fear, coercion, and control to abuse and exploit her entire being for profit”

What the U.S. attorney described as ’immeasurable damage of mental, physical and emotional trauma,’ inflicted upon these children didn’t come from the hands of their pimps or their ‘johns’ alone. This is a point we simply cannot stress enough.

No, the men at the top of Backpage management who put the scheme into place, currently awaiting their trial date are also to blame. As are the sickos like Tony Ortega – Backpage Chief Apologist, who did so much dirty work behind the scenes and yet somehow still walks free on our streets.

Four others involved in this D.C. area ring had previously been sentenced for sex-trafficking minors at multiple hotels in Alexandria and Fairfax, Virginia, after advertising them on Backpage.

Now it’s time to go after the pimps behind the curtain.  The ones who are trying their best stay hidden.

Indeed, as the Fairfax County police chief, Edwin Roessler Jr., said:

The actions of these defendants are quite frankly reprehensible as they’ve purposely preyed upon our most vulnerable and impressionable victims for far too long.” 

We here at the blog believe the police chief’s damning indictment goes double for scumbags like Tony Ortega who know how essential they were in the disgusting conspiracy which allowed this happen – yet remain in hiding, refusing to come forward and admit their crimes.

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