Indoctrination Into Ortega’s Cult of Hate

People are social creatures. Long before recorded history human beings began to set up rules, both tacit and expressed, to coordinate their efforts in pursuit of everything from hunting buffalo to critiquing cave paintings.

Our need for socialization may, in fact, be one of our greatest gifts. It can also, however, prove to be something of a curse, particularly when it comes to claims about what is true and what isn’t.

A prime example of willful misrepresentations of truth claims would, of course, be Tony Ortega.

All of the empty words he spills every day over on his ridiculous blog where he spends his endless unemployed hours mocking Scientology and pumping out ‘fake news’, have become a bit like sacred cows to the smooth-brained audience who gobble up whatever pablum Tony vomits forth.

To his followers, Ortega’s words are truth and any attempt to challenge the authority Tony Ortega has arrogated to himself is met with unfocused anger and flailing contempt.

As we’ve discussed before, Tony Ortega tries to brainwash his readers into believing they are in an ‘us-vs-them’ situation. Tony teaches them to believe that Scientology is the boogyman and he – and he alone! – is brave enough to take it on. “Ignore what others tell you, I am the sole authority on the subject!”, seems to be his battle cry these days.

If that sounds alarming to you, it’s because it should. Tony Ortega, who has long positioned himself as a self-described ‘cult expert’, is nothing more than a warmed-over, cut-rate cult leader himself.

It is an act of social courage to call out would-be cult leaders like Tony Ortega. It takes intellectual integrity and a willingness to see through the web of deceit Tony Ortega has been spinning now for so many years.

It may even be that some of Tony’s followers are not yet so far gone that they can’t come back to their senses, but to do so requires hard work and a level of honesty most of them seem disinclined to pursue.

Let’s face it, it takes courage to change. Courage to stand up against social groups like Tony Ortega and his ‘howdy-con’ stooges, which pressures you to think like they do.

But it takes even more courage to turn around and call it what it really is — indoctrination into a cult of a hate.

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