Inside A Backpage Sting & The Downfall of Carl Ferrer

Recently on the blog we took a long, hard look back at the timeline surrounding the rise and fall of Today we’re turning back time to dive into a shocking example of exactly the sort of evil Backpage was up to during the years its own in-house propagandist, Tony Ortega, was so ferociously attacking any and all who would call for justice for the site’s countless victims.

Pictured bellow is Natalie, an innocent child with dreams of being a doctor before Backpage got its hooks into her — tearing her and her family apart.

Her rescue from a pimp by the Seattle police department led to a dramatic undercover sting operation in which Backpage’s abhorrent business of selling children for sex was, perhaps for the first time, exposed on camera. None of which bodes well for former Backpage CEO, Carl Ferrer.

But don’t take our word for it, check out the must-see video below and decide for yourself:


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