Insisting on Intolerance

By this point it is a well established fact that Tony Ortega and Leah Remini feel no compunction about sinking to new lows to get attention. Maybe this a part of what makes their behavior increasingly sickening to people

This backlash against hate has been slowly building for a while now. Their response has not been to admit their mistakes or even to tone down the violent rhetoric they routinely employ in their vain attempts to stir outrage. Instead they continue to fuel the fires of intolerance, feeding off each other’s hate like a snake eating its own tail.

Consider the particularly disgusting case this summer when Tony Ortega openly mocked a mother (who happened to be a Scientologist) who had lost her daughter. Leah Remini decided to take the attacks Tony Ortega had written about this grieving mother and turn it into an entire episode. Now many are calling it one of the cruelest and most hypocritical things the anti-Scientologist critics have ever done.

Their thinking seems to be if you are a Scientologist you deserve everything you get from us. This remorseless attitude of blind hate is of exactly the sort that leads to violence. We’ve seen where this thinking leads in Rwanda, where mass violence against people because of their religion decimated the country. We’ve seen this in many parts of the world where horrific violence against those of differing belief systems is an everyday occurrence.

Tony Ortega and Leah Remini seem perfectly content to bring that same level of rhetoric to our shores. They want to infect their audiences with the same narrow-minded certainty and self-righteousness they feel. They want them to feel the same hatred that they feel and to turn into hateful action. And they want you to think this is justice, because people with beliefs different from their own deserve to be wiped out. It always begins with insisting on intolerance.

Intolerance has become a brand for Ortega and Remini. What they fail to realize is this: like the snake eating its own tail, the path of hate and intolerance is always self-defeating. 

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