Intellectual Property Rip Off?

Whatever mounting pressure Tony Ortega is feeling as the noose of justice tightens around him in the wake of weeks and weeks of Backpage headlines being splashed on headlines across the country must finally be taking a toll. It’s been a while since we checked in with his fictional blog where he once more gets to play-pretend he’s a real big-boy journalist. Spoiler alert, Ortega is not a reporter. Given his recent misadventure in publishing blog spam, he just might be the new poster boy for intellectual property theft though.

Tony Ortega never was, and never will be, a real journalist. We could point to his countless episodes of dissembling, of scandalous lies and hateful libel, of out-right fraud (remember that time he pretended to be a journalist by the name of Antoine Oman in order to sell a fake story about rape?) But anyone familiar with him knows the name Tony Ortega is already synonymous with falsehood.

This time, however, Tony Ortega throws any remaining pretense of journalistic integrity straight to the wind. Apparently he’s so desperate for any scrap of garbage to publish on his cave-troll mini-blog that he’s taken to wholesale intellectual property theft these days.

Attempting to cash in on HBO’s recent real-life miniseries detailing the events surrounding the Chernobyl radiological disaster Ortega “thought it might be appropriate” (to use his words) to rip off and reprint an entire chapter of L. Ron Hubbard’s book on the subject.

There’s no attempt at journalistic analysis anywhere in his post. It is simply and plainly a word for word reprint of intellectual property he does not own. Of course Tony Ortega loves to justify his vile behavior by attempting to excuse his blatant act of copyright infringement with a thin veneer of the same self-serving b.s. he’s been using to skate by throughout his whole pathetic ‘career’.

Claiming “Fair Use” Ortega arrogates to himself the authority to reprint (without an iota of permission) someone else’s writing in order to monetize it for his own gain. Let’s face it, this is precisely the kind of behavior that would get any first year journalism school freshman brought in front of a judiciary review board before being summarily expelled.

But those rules, of course, are for people with professional standards and ethics and we all know whatever else Tony Ortega is, ’professional’ and ‘ethical’ are words that have never been used to describe him.

His abortive attempts at being a newsman stopped fooling anyone paying attention long ago. This disastrous post only proves what so many of us have known from the beginning — Tony Ortega ripped off the work of others when it suits his needs and cowers behind his woeful misunderstanding of ‘First Amendment Rights’ whenever anyone calls him on it.

Make no mistake Tony Ortega is not a journalist.

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