Internet Pimps

People have been talking a lot lately about Tony Ortega and his infamous defense of the Backpage, since the story is once again making headlines as the federal government moves ahead with its case against the people behind it.

Tony Ortega asserts that the classified section was never a platform for selling sex, but a new report from law enforcement is clearly demonstrating this to be yet another of his lies.

Local law enforcement arrested and cited more people for crimes related to prostitution and solicitation last year than in 2017. In fact there’s been a rise of more than 30 percent in total arrests and citations from the year before.

This fact becomes relevant when you realize that 2017 was the same year Backpage, one of the biggest classified sex advertising websites in the world, was seized by the government.

Indeed a spokesperson for the San Diego Police Department said they have seen an increase in street prostitution since Backpage was seized.

When California Attorney General Xavier Becerra was asked if he saw a correlation between Backpage shutting down and people being exploited on the streets, the response he gave suggests he sees right through Tony Ortega’s thinly disguised propaganda:

It’s too early to say, but taking down the largest purveyor of sex on the internet had to have some impact. But as I said, someone is always looking for ways to make a buck off of someone else’s misery. It would not surprise me that this is just the natural phenomenon that we see. Until we get a grip on the fact that most of these young people — and they are mostly young girls — are from our homes, we’re going to continue to see this grow.”

It’s Becerra’s concluding statement on the matter, however, which was the most damning to Tony Ortega and those like him who continually give cover to these underage sex-slavers:

You combat it by going after the source, the pimps, and these days it’s not just pimps on the street it’s pimps over the internet.”


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