Is There Really Any Difference Between Tony Ortega and The Backpage Pimps He Protected?

Previous we here at the blog reported to our readers on the absolutely nightmarish saga of a Backpage pimp from Houston Texas named David Mearis who received the largest sentence we’ve yet seen in connection with the human sex trafficking scam Tony Ortega advocated on behalf of for years.

We noted at the time just how many similarities there were between the low level pimps like Mearis and the predatory pimps higher up the corporate chain and wondered aloud if these same judgements might also be applied to the pimps running the show.

Since the publishing of that article we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from our readers who seem largely in favor of prosecutors pursuing this line of aggressive conviction, especially seeing as how in so many cases the parallels between the crimes of those at the top and those at the bottom are so blinding obvious!

Reading through the transcripts of the actual court case the comparisons between the sort of attitude pimps like Mearis display and soulless opportunists like Ortega are nothing short of shocking.

One FBI agent offered in his testimony the following description of the accused pimp:

[He is] a career pimp who abused, controlled, and exploited his victims. He stooped to a new kind of low by taking advantage of one of the girls who had a learning disability and the mental capacity of a child.”

But of course this is exactly what Ortega does. He controls, exploits, and abuses those he believes to be mentally inferior to him. In this way Tony Ortega continues — to this day! — to manipulate the mentally diminished followers who subscribe to the various social media platforms he uses to spread his propaganda of hate and deceit.

And that is hardly all. The FBI agent continued describing the pimp this way:

“[He] wasn’t the caretaker he wanted the court or his prey to believe. He was a dangerous predator who saw his victims not as girls or women, but a money-making commodity.”

The question inescapably rises: how on earth is this in any way, shape, or form different from what Ortega does online every day on Twitter or his pathetic basement blog?

By this point we have all seen how Tony Ortega views his readers as prey. They are not treated as respected, thinking individuals invented to engage in a ‘dialogue’ with him. They are not encouraged to critique or push back. They are asked — no, commanded! — to be silent and accept Tony Ortega’s pronouncements no matter how demeaning or outlandish or obviously fraudulent.

We would argue there is a reason for this and that reason is the same one which can be applied to the pimp above, condemned to serve out the rest of his days behind bars.

Tony Ortega spilled so much ink defending pimps like this during his tenure as shameful apologist mouthpiece for Backpage precisely because he shares the same pimp mindset!

To Tony’s thinking, the audience he targets to manipulate with his lies are not people, they are something far more useful to wannabe pimps like Tony Ortega — they are another a money-making commodity to be exploited.

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