Is Tony Ortega A Proponent of Torture?

If you buy the lies Tony Ortega has advanced during his stint as the mouth piece for the human sex trafficking website Backpage, odds are you are under the delusion that prostitution is merely an economic choice or a victimless crime.  

To listen to Tony Ortega you’d think being trafficked for the sex trade was an exercise of your constitutionally protected rights as an American. In reality, however, it’s all a glossy cover for something far deeper and darker. 

Consider for instance the federal case out of Texas that is now being brought against Billie Joe Sanford.

Sanford, who is 37, was arrested in Dallas recently after meeting with a man claiming to be a human trafficker (like so many of those innocent ‘Free Speech’ champions using Backpage Ortega mocked us all for being concerned about.) The man, who was actually an undercover federal agent, said he had a woman under his control who refused to be sold for sex, and he needed someone to destroy her will to resist.

That’s where Sanford allegedly came in. He responded to an online ad very much like the ones on Backpage which Tony Ortega assured us time and again were being used by ‘consenting adults’.  

Authorities say Sanford promised he could break her for a fee and would inflict such severe mental and emotional trauma that she would obey the trafficker’s every command. The objective here, apparently, was to make her compliant with being forced into sexual slavery so the trafficker could make a fortune off of her. 

Just like Tony Ortega’s bosses did.

Sanford’s official indictment indicates that he said he would isolate and disorient her so she wouldn’t know what time it was, place her in a cage, and physically torture her for as long as it took. 

Sanford was arrested when he met the undercover agent to, apparently, start torturing the woman.

We here at the blog have long been advocating for sex trafficking reforms and calling on law enforcement agents to pull out the stops to arrest and prosecute traffickers and their apologists for reasons illustrated by this case against Sanford.

Far from the romanticized spin Tony Ortega tried so hard to get us to swallow, the life a sex-trafficking victim faces is one of demented torture, control and trauma that disorients her to the point of often making decisions that seem incomprehensible to anyone foolish enough to believe Tony Ortega.

As we’ve reported to you before, many human traffickers use drug addiction, shame, physical abuse and threats of violence to coerce their victims into compliance. The trauma often leads to such extreme denial that victims fail to flee and sometimes can even end up defending their traffickers. It can take years for victims to emerge from the torture of the abuse they suffer.

Tony Ortega doesn’t want you to know this. He wants you to believe he was the good guy, fighting for people’s rights… This is another one of his lies. Human sex trafficking is about torture, control, and destroying the lives of young women and girls for money. And Tony Ortega knows it.

The fact of the matter is that anyone who tries to tell you sex trafficking is anything other than flatly wicked is either deluded to the point of absolute ignorance, making money off the backs of its victims, or lying to your face. 

Or, as in the case of Tony Ortega, all three at once.

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