Is Tony Ortega Locked In A Toxic Relationship With His Readers?

The phrase, ‘toxic relationship’ is one that gets thrown around a lot by the media these days, but it’s difficult to know exactly what it means and if it’s actually something to be worried about. 

In its simplest terms a toxic relationship is basically one that is fundamentally unhealthy, and is causing you, or others, harm – mentally or sometimes physically.

Over the years we’ve seen how both are true in Tony Ortega’s dangerously unstable relationship with his reading public.

A healthy relationship between a journalist and his or her audience is one in where there’s a degree mutual respect. A real reporter is one who relates facts and gives context, and is careful not to let their own personal biases or bigotries taint the objectivity of their work. 

A real journalist is one that listens to his audience without criticizing or shaming those who express a perspective which differs from their own. And it’s important to remember that any such relationship resulting in mental, emotional or physical damage isn’t good for anyone. 

Take a look at the following list of warning signs that you may be reading a toxic tabloid “journalist”:

Toxic journalistic relationship signs to look out for:

1. You feel on edge, exhausted or in a generally low mood when reading them

When you read Tony Ortega’s latest rant about what he personally finds annoying him this week, or who he wants you to join him in spitefully attacking and ask yourself this: is this type of “attack dog tabloidism” helping or harming me?

2. The reporter constantly criticizes your point of view

While things like being criticized might seem harmless in isolation, if they’re happening frequently or in conjunction with other toxic behavior, that’s when there’s something wrong.  Think about how casually Tony Ortega disparages the thoughts and beliefs of your friends and neighbors. Is this barrage of hate and negativity helping you understand the world better? Is it conducive to your mental well-being?

4. The reporter gaslights, verbally abuses or coercively controls his audience 

Gaslighting is a form of mental and emotion abuse where one person manipulates another into doubting themselves and their own sanity – and it’s most common in unethical journalists like Tony Ortega who have long, documented history of engaging in this practice.

5. The reporter insists you agree with their view

If there is one hallmark of Tony Ortega’s style of “journalism” surely it is this. Take for instance the famous Tony Ortega line – that anyone who was ever involved in a religion is brain-damaged, deranged, and hopelessly narrow minded. Disagree with him on his blog about this and you will quickly find yourself blocked, banned and sent packing. 

By any standard, we here at the blog believe it’s more than clear that Tony Ortega spectacularly fails this checklist. 

If you or anyone you know is a reader of Tony Ortega’s blog or Twitter, it’s time to consider having a serious heart to heart chat with them – for their sake and the sake of your personal relationship.

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