“It’s A Prank, Bro!”

Recently we wrote a piece in which we called Tony Ortega ‘radioactive’ for this habitual lack of professionalism and his penchant for bald face lying in the face of contradictory reality. 

Our recent blog posts about Ortega’s dubious history as a writer for cheap tabloids prompted one reader of this blog to recall yet another offensive piece which Ortega had published years ago. 

First, however, we offer you a little context calling your attention to what has been a very disturbing trend on YouTube and other social media platforms in which so-called ‘content creators’ engage in wildly dangerous, irresponsible pranks in order to attract an audience. 

Just last week Actor Rick Moranis known for his iconic roles in “Ghostbusters” and “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,” was randomly attacked and struck in the face by a one such scumbag while walking in New York City.

It is believed this attack was part of a viral ‘prank’ known as ‘the knock out game’ in which random victims are surreptitiously filmed being punched in the head by assailants. This sick trend apparently reminded at least one of our readers of a the depraved, attention-starved antics of Tony “It’s a prank, bro” Ortega. 

Though Ortega may not himself maniacally run around town himself harassing innocent bystanders, it is certainly something he has previously endorsed – as he did in the case of his fellow anti-religious conspirator Peter Griffiths which we previously reported to you.

Tony Ortega, who by now has a well documented history of being pathologically unable to tell the truth, has a go-to strategy at hand every time he is called out on his lies – call it the “it was a prank, bro” defense. 

After all, ‘it’s a prank’ was the excuse he used when busted for lying about the Confederate graves we reported on. It was how he tried to frame the whole Antione Oman debacle before it catastrophically backfired in his face. It was also the defense he reached for when being called out for dangerously authoring a comic advising terrorists on how best to attack America.

And, yes, it is as reckless and tasteless as you’d expect from Tony Ortega.

Not long after the horrific events of 9/11, Tony Ortega wrote the following, “Terrorist Guide to Arizona”:  

You’re hopping mad and thirsting for retribution… But before you go driving a truck full of fertilizer or strap on a chest full of explosives, think twice about what you plan to blow up. Hoover Dam or the Palo Verde nuclear plant? Too obvious. The Grand Canyon? It’s already a big hole in the ground. No, you need targets that will get you maximum media exposure and put the fear of Allah into the infidels. And that’s why New Times presents this…

Chick the image for the larger map

For his part, Tony Ortega once again claimed it was just a prank. Presumably, like the anonymous criminal who violently attacked Rick Moranis, Ortega thought the public would find his ‘joke’ hilarious. 

But the truth of it is all too clear, after decades of Tony Ortega’s hateful, irresponsible ‘humor’, no one is laughing at his repugnant pranks.

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