It’s All About Money; They Don’t Care If They Hurt People

The Hate Brigade

Leah Remini has since the beginning of her hate shows sought to profit by harassing the Scientology religion, spreading demonstrable lies designed to foment hate, bigotry and, ultimately, violence.

We live in a country besieged by religious intolerance. We read about it daily in the national headlines, see it again and again on the nightly news. Indeed, according to a recently published FBI report, hate crimes have risen yet again, marking a third straight year of rises (up 17 percent.) Tellingly, one out of every five crimes reported are perpetrated against victims solely for their religion.

In this climate of rising intolerance Leah Remini and her sidekick Mike Rinder, who is being dragged around as a prop at every event Remini goes to, saw an opportunity to exploit and cash in. From the beginning this has been the sole premise of her show and media hate propaganda.

Disregarding the crisis of conscience any normal person might experience when confronted with the inherent dangers of imperiling the many people who practice their religion, Leah Remini charged ahead with her agenda of hate. She treats religion as a commodity that she can monetize and weaponize by spreading hate to the point of inciting real violence.

All in the hope that she might turn personal brand of bigotry into a money making machine to expand the sphere of influence of her empire of intolerance.

As of this writing, Remini’s propaganda show has led to some 600 documented threats of violence, death threats, acts of vandalism and hate targeting Scientology, its parishioners and its leaders. And that number shows no sign of slowing down.

The fact of the matter is Leah Remini is a deadly combination of fame-hungry opportunist and an embittered ex-Scientologist with an axe to grind. The irresponsibility of A&E to have given this bigoted talking head a nationally televised platform cannot be overstated.

IPC, the production company that was commissioned by A&E to produce the Remini’s hate show, is not exempted. In fact its president and cofounder, Aaron Saidman, stated to the Academy of Television members at the FYC event on May 17, 2018, “Can I be more blunt? You guys giving us the Emmy was a giant fuck you to the Church of Scientology.”

The violence which has occurred already, together with the acts of violence which are certain to follow as long as Remini’s program is allowed to continue unchecked, are proof that there is, and will continue to be, blood on their hands.

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