Jeffrey Augustine Exposed as Twitter Cheat

In our original reporting we were able to demonstrate the link between Twitter’s recent crackdown on fake users and so-called ‘bot armies for hire’, used to artificially give the illusion of mass popularity in those willing to break Twitter’s terms of service by employing them.

Twitter, we reported, began to purge these fake users in the wake of a damning New York Times article back in January of this year. Since that time the effects of Twitter’s crackdown has been rippling across its user base, exposing numerous individuals, like Tony Ortega, as frauds using the powerful online analytics of the website Socialblade.

It seems, however, it is not just recognized fraudsters who are getting caught up by Twitter’s new zero tolerance policy. One of Tony Ortega’s co-conspirators, Jeffrey Augustine, who publishes a hate blog in the same propagandistic style as Ortega, had some interesting anomalies in his numbers.

Note the precipitous decline in Augustine’s numbers just days ago as Twitter continues to scour its service of those who would seek to game the system.


Augustine lost nearly 30% percent of his user base in the space of a day when Twitter caught on him! Like Ortega, the data clearly suggests Augustine relied on fake users to give himself an air of unearned popularity – we’ll also examine Augustine’s paramour, Karen de la Carriere.

Socialblade gave Augustine a C-minus rating for the authenticity of his followers, which interestingly is the same score they gave Tony Ortega. Perhaps that’s as low as their grading system goes. However you look at it, both Augustine and Ortega are demonstrably below average. Not that we needed Twitter to tell us that.

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