Journalism v. Propaganda: The Case Against Tony Ortega

There’s an old adage in the journalism business, “tell the truth, even when the facts are inconvenient to the narrative”.

That’s a bit of professional wisdom lost on the likes of Tony Ortega, if you want to consider for a moment that he is a real journalist. For him it would seem facts are boring, not to mention unsuited to his purposes. Instead he opts to “add color” by hyping hysterical mischaracterizations in order to sell his fabricated stories.

We’ve discussed this trend at length on this blog, but there is something here that bears repeating: emotional manipulation of this scale isn’t simply bad journalism, it’s destructive propaganda.

Ortega employs the tactic of continual manipulation of the facts to create wild caricatures in the hopes of passing it off as a “true account” of life in Scientology. But what he offers is little more than a house mirror, visions of real people grossly distorted.

Just about every emotionally manipulative blog contains specious suggestions about Scientology.

Ortega’s goal appears to be a desire to amass a huge army of angry people who hate Scientology and other minority religions by telling them cherry picked, amped up, and decades old false stories designed to inflame peoples’ emotions and to distract them from reality.

Nothing would suit the cause of his narrative better.

His goal is not, and has never been, to tell the truth of the story,  but to launch on an obsessive personal vendetta against Scientology and he wants to use everything and everyone else he can to get that revenge – no matter who suffers and no matter what is the truth.

This isn’t journalism. This is weaponized political propaganda, and Ortega is nothing more than a false propaganda monger. Herr Goebbels would be proud of Ortega’s work.

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