Journalistic integrity


When you’re a public figure particularly a journalist, your integrity is all you have.

This was a topic of Rachel Botsman’s Ted Talk on “The currency of the new economy is trust.”  

We could detail the numerous times Tony Ortega has lied to the public, bound by neither limits of integrity or veracity.

Or chronicle the obsessive pin-hole view of the world that saw him “leaving” from his editorial duties at the Village Voice, relegating him to the obscurity of his virtual bunker where he works himself into a frothy lather, fomenting sanctimonious screed against religions.

But there is more.

It is an agreed upon standard that journalists should never accept tangible gifts, travel or free meals from sources.

Ortega solicits and receives “donations” from his readers and he has published articles written by his readers.  Is this what one would call honest and uncorrupted journalism?

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