Judge Orders Alleged Rapist Paul Haggis Must Face Trial


It’s official. A judge in Manhattan has ordered Paul Haggis must face the civil rape charges brought by his publicist Haleigh Breest in court after hearing a graphic, detailed account of the multiple assaults.

File this under: big news that surprises no one personally familiar with Paul Haggis.

An attorney for Haleigh Breest said in Manhattan Supreme Court Thursday, “What Mr. Haggis did is forcibly removed her clothing, forcibly kissed her, forcibly penetrated her vagina.”

The extent of Haggis’s sexual attack on Breest was made abundantly clear to Justice Robert Reed as Breest’s lawyer Zoe Salzman read into the official record Haggis’s own words to his rape victim:

You’re nice and tight,” Haggis said, while forcing himself on her at his Mercer St. apt. in 2013,“You’ve been asking for it because you’ve been flirting with me for months.

As we’ve reported previously, Haggis has been desperate to try and get the case thrown out of court for fear of being exposed as a remorseless rapist. But Judge Reed said dismissing Breest’s case “would serve as a chill on the ability of” sexual assault victims to get justice, even in the form of “outrageous settlement demands.”

The judge ruled that Breests suit ought to proceed while wholly dismissing out of hand Haggis’s counterclaim for the “emotional distress” his act of sexual predation on Ms Breest has caused him.

Haggis had first sued Breest in December 2017 claiming her “outrageous threats” of exposing him as a rapist caused him “crippling anxiety.” (It’s no easy life being a rapist, I guess.)

That same day Breest filed her own countersuit for assault and “gender-motivated violence.”

Judge Reed keenly observed in his ruling that ‘any emotional distress suffered by Haggis was caused when his lawyers informed him of the $9 million settlement demand.’ Those with personal familiarity with Paul Haggis must have nodded silently to themselves.

The judge also allowed discovery to proceed with three more anonymous women who claim they were also sexually assaulted during Haggis’s rape spree, explaining that Haggis’s “patterns and practices [of] animus towards women…need to be explored in discovery.”

Looks like justice will finally CRASH down on Paul Haggis and cost him many a MILLION DOLLAR BABY.

Of course Leah Remini, Mike Rinder and Tony Ortega, who dismissed the rape allegations as bogus, remain cowardly silent despite depicting Haggis as a “gentleman” on their show or blogs.

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