Just who is Tony Ortega’s wife?

Arielle Silverstein works at the United Nations Ethics Office in New York City. Though she trained as an attorney in Europe and she is a member of the Israeli  bar association she cannot legally practice law in the United States.

For years there have been whispers that Silverstein was a source for Tony Ortega dating back to when Ortega still had a job at the Village Voice and it was suggested that she was feeding him insider tips in her role as UN employee. Given the sort of journalistic integrity Ortega has shown throughout his “professional” career this seems only too plausible.

In her spare time Silverstein, who kept her own name after marrying Tony, enjoys participating in online forums and is a member of Anonymous, a group known for its cyber attacks against government agencies and corporations around the globe and remains a hotbed for both hacktivists and terrorists alike. At the time of this writing, however, it remains unclear which category Silverstein (known in ‘anonymous’ circles as “Bozuri”) falls into.

Though Silverstein claims to be a “Jewish atheist”, it would seem from her participation on the Anonymous forums that she disparages all religions with equal zeal, much like her husband. Who knows, perhaps it was this mutual love of hate that ultimately brought her and Tony together.

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